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The 60/20 Relationship Rule

The 60/20 Relationship Rule is an absolute must for establishing healthy and balanced relationships. This often overlooked principle provides practical guidance for both men and women to foster deeper connections, understand each other's needs, and prioritize their partners. By embracing the 60/20 Rule, people just like you can have fulfilling relationships that ultimately lead to feeling significant and loved.

In this book, author Joe Delfgauw shares the hard-won lessons he's learned going through the "relationship wringer." Combining more than 23 years of personal experience and countless interviews with real people, this book has been painstakingly crafted just for you.

Whether you're looking for true love, wondering what went wrong in past relationships, or searching for that special someone, there's hope for you. This book was written combining practical experience about love, relationships, and becoming one's best self. Within its pages, Joe shares his successes– and his failures– to equip you with a complete toolbox to find happiness and love for yourself.

Are you ready to learn the relationship concept of The 60/20 Relationship Rule and change your life forever? You deserve to be happier. Let's get started.

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